Project Rangeet a collaboration between Mach One and Music in Measures, is an education program aimed at increasing awareness around social issues amongst children. In an increasingly polarized world, we believe that “readin”, “ritin” and “rithmetic” are just not nearly enough. We need to speak to the minds and hearts of our children.

The program uses storytelling, music and art to solve for engagement and convey important messages of social justice and awareness of pressing issues facing humanity.

Founded in 2014, workshops were developed and tested in real classroom sessions, dealing with topics such as Swacch Bharat (The Clean India Campaign), Celebrating the Girl Child, Diversity – Our Nation’s Treasure, The Importance of our Forests, Embracing People with Disabilities, Anti – Bullying, Civic Rights and Responsibilities of Children, Importance of Health and Nutrition; partnering with organisations such as Kokuyo Camlin, Teach for India, Magic Bus, The Acorn Foundation, Conservation Wetlands Trust, Angel Xpress Foundation, Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness, Mani Bhavan, Jai Vakeel School and Avasara Academy. the Cathedral School, Mumbai participated, and we hope to work with them further.

The App runs on any Android device, to easily disseminate teaching modules, enables scale – a system that will work in urban and rural settings where limited internet access would otherwise create distribution hurdles. The project is now being rolled out to 25,000 schools in partnership countries with BRAC an NGO based in Bangladesh that operates in 12 countries.

Project Rangeet hopes to touch the lives of millions of children around the globe and sow the seeds of PEACE, FRIENDSHIP, EMPATHY and TOLERANCE. Our hope is that Project Rangeet is transformative and will help in setting the foundation of a truly inclusive society.